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What is ZEPA?

ZEPA – Inspired from the human immune system by producing hypochlorous acid (HOCL). We produce HOCL outside of the body trough japan technology, using HOCL and water (H2O) composition in order to against viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.ZEPA with HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) as active ingredients, does not contain of alcohol but 99.9% effective kill germs, viruses and fungus caused disease based on several laboratory test and research proof. Furthermore, ZEPA free from residue, non-toxic so it’s safe for human, animal also environment, have neutral pH, so it’s safe for your skin without caused irritation

Why do we need ZEPA?

Infectious diseases strike not only humans, but also animals that are commonly found in everyday life with no exception such as livestock and zoos. The transfer of pathogens from animals to humans is called zoonosis.

Widodo's research in 2008 showed that in the last 20 years there were 75% of new diseases in humans caused by transfer of pathogens from animals to humans. In 1,415 pathogenic microorganisms in humans, 61.6% are from animals.

The World Health Organization stated there were 310 cases in which more than 80 people had to die from transmitted diseases which were originally from pigs then transmitted by mosquitoes and flies


Free from steroid, antibiotic and alcohol. Hypochlorus acid (HOCL) is also produced by leukocytes in our body. Save for humans and animals with wide board spectrum



Sanitation method which is free
from residue and trihalomethane that causes cancer and disease, non-toxic, and also processed with wasteless high technology Japan


Effectively kill 99.9% bacteria, fungi and viruses. 8x more effective than sodium hypochlorite

Cost Efficient

Stop wasting your money to buy chemical disinfectant leaving side effects on your body when used continuously. Save your money with safe products, and it’s environmental friendly. One solution for multi purposes.







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