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ViVac is a feed-based vaccine which the antigen (inactivated Vibrio spp.) is incorporated into commercial feed and administered as part of the feeding regime.

The feed-based vaccine provides cross-protection against vibriosis disease in warm water marine fish (e.g. seabass, grouper). It is suitable for grow-out fish in cage culture system (aquaculture).


ViVac is currently the only feed-based vaccine for the warm water marine fish against vibriosis. The vaccine is high in efficacy and easy to administer. The ease of oral administration shortened the time of vaccination, making it more efficient.

Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

Product Benefits

Effective and Efficient

  • Provides 50% to at least 80% survival rate against vibriosis Effective to all size of fish

  • Improve both mucosal and systemic immune respond


Easy to administer

  • Fast and efficient vaccination program

  • Administered orally through feeding

  • Trained personnel are not needed


Environmental friendly

  • No needles and syringes

  • Painless and less stress to animals


1st Feed-Based Vaccine

80% Efficacy

Value For Money

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