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Product Information

There are many types of bacteria and microbes coming from strong and weak species that cannot be completely eliminated or reduced by alcohol, sodium hypoclorite or other substances. However, they can be completely eliminated through the disinfection with ZEPA, the hypoclorus acid molecule as an active ingredient in ZEPA PETCARE, kills bacteria by irritating DNA cells of bacteria. It can protect and prevent pets from influenza viruses, avian influenza (H5N1 and H7N1), etc


Cage Deodorizing

ZEPA is 8 times more effective than sodium hypoclorite to remove odor powerfully and quickly.


Safe for Pet care

ZEPA only reacts to pathogen (bacteria, viruses and fungi) without leaving residue, which is safe for animal respiratory system.

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ZEPA Pet Care 99.99% Effective

 Kills bacteria, viruses, and fungus 

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